When my dad passed away, I reached out to Donna Thomas to help me with an estate sale. Still to this day I am amazed at all of the work that goes into the organizing, coordinating, cleaning out, sorting and throwing away that goes into a sale.  And needless to say, my dad was a bit of a pack rat 🙂

Donna organized that house so that each room had almost a theme.  All “like” items went together.  That made it so much easier for the shopper.  She priced things to sell and if she was not sure what to charge for an item, she did her research.  We had some rare books and china she researched. 

Our sale went well and from what I saw, Donna kept it flowing, kept any haggling over prices to a minimum and even served up fresh baked delicious cookies with nice music playing to make the event more festive.  

Having Donna handle my dad’s estate sale took a lot of stress off of me as I had other things to deal with at the time.  I would highly recommend Donna Thomas to handle your sale.  No matter how big or small, she can make it work.  

Susan S.  (Charlotte, NC)